Military/Rotary Wing

with KAI
MRO/Upgrades Program.

KAEMS, with KAI’s 20 years of experience in Military field,
taking over state-of-art military MRO service.

Link to KAI Military MRO

  • Fixed/Rotary Wing Aircraft MRO/Mod./Upgrades area KAEMS will take over the lead gradually to continue KAI’s programs.
  • Starting with KAI’s military depot level maintenance program, KAEMS plans to enhance engineering capability, plans to become MRO total solution provider
    by providing proper solutions of modification and upgrade level services.
  • From providing service to KAI’s indigenous platform, Upon cooperation with global OEMs, KAEMS is capable of delivering various types of military solution with quality.


Intro to KAI programs

ROKAF C-130H Upgrades Program

  • ROKAF avionics (multifunctional radar, satellite communication device, etc.) upgrades
  • Program duration : 2012 ~ in progress

ROKN P-3CK Depot level maintenance

  • ROKN Depot level maintenance / Life Extension Program
  • Program duration : in progres

ROKAF E737 AEWCS Modification

  • B737 Structure retrofit & Mission Kit Implementation
  • Program duration : 2009~2012

F-16 US Airforce Depot level maintenance

  • Korean/Japanese USAF periodic Depot level maintenance (f-16)
  • Program duration : 2017~

US Marine Pacific Force (Japan) H-53 Depot level maintenance

  • US Marine Pacific Force (Japan) periodic Depot level maintenance(CH-53D/E, MH-53E)
  • Program duration : 2011~2014